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We released new firmware upgrade for INCH familly that introduced same platform for all INCH products, including INCH Pro, INCH HOME and INCH DUO. We decided to make firmware releases more uniform, and easier for our customers.

You can get new firmware here 4.0 and release notes are published here


Limitations with INCH

Currently we only support upgrading INCH chargers to 4.x with serial greater than 19420xxx. For older stations we will provide support in the future

Overview of upgrade process

We have split upgrade on two parts, system and app image, and while upgrading app image with raise minor version e.g. 4.1 → 4.2, every system upgrade there will be new major version upgrade e.g. 4.x to 5.x.

Upgrade is now split in two parts. Reason being customers and users using LTE data for upgrading firmware. new app upgrad e.g. 4.0.2 is now smaller and upgrades only application running on INCH, while system-4.0 upgrades whole system. For future releases, you can only upgrade app image only on same system image.

E.G. you can only apply app-5.3.itb on system version 5.0. You can check current system version under diagnostics menu.

New releases will now be published under new section ​Etrel INCH Firmware on our ​Etrel knowledge base , and will include changelogs and latest firmware releases, while older ones will still be available under standard sections for every INCH model.

We are currently producing INCH chargers with both 1.13.9 and 4.0.x version, but we will move forward with 4.x only for all INCH products.

To check if your new station is old version you can go to web interface and check firmware version under Diagnostics submenu. Other obvious change is new menu when holding reset button for few seconds.

Version 1.13.9

Version 3.X onwards

Firmware roadmap

Our firmware releases roadmap currently looks like this. We are still producing both INCH PRO / HOME with 1.13.9 and 4.0.x, while DUO is now on 4.0.x. With next stable release, firmware version will be 4.x and with future system image updates major version will increase by one, and with new app relelases minor versions will go up.

Limitations with INCH

Currently we only support upgrading INCH chargers to 4.x with serial greater than 19420xxx. For older stations we will provide support in the future

Upgrading Inch from version 1.x

Before upgrading

We suggest that you make backup of your configuration and data of your INCH charger. Upgrade station to latest 1.13.9 version before this upgrade.

Upgrading INCH from version 1.x to 4.x is two step process. In first step we are upgrading system image, with newer version. In second step we will update application.

You will need correct files:

First part or step one is applying this update through web interface. Menu → Diagnostics → Upgrade firmware (this step normally takes around 20 minutes)

Upgrading system image

After successfull step one, you can connect to your charger and in event logs you will see following line if step one was successfull

Then proceed to step two. Upload new firmware and you should see this screen

Second part or step two is applying this update same as before

Second phase of upgrade can take quite a while, atleast 30 minutes or more, and after successfull upgrade station should reboot itself. If that doesn’t happen, then you reboot it manualy with disconecting power source. We suggest upgrading station when it won’t be in use a couple of hours.

Stations with firmware 3.x and newer

Stations using firmware 3.x and newer can be upgraded to newer versions normally without using any special tools, and can be directly upgraded with firmware 4.x

Image RemovedImage Added

First you need to upgrade system image to new major version, then you can apply app image update. Both of system and app image must be on same major version. On download page you will have two files

system-4.x.itb for system image that needs to be upgraded first, and then app-4.x.itb that can be applied when system-4.x is install. Current system version can be seen under diagnostics menu in web interface of your INCH charger. Later interactions of upgrades will consist two differrent options. One option (larger size) with latest system and app version. Second option will be two images split into system and application image. That options will decrease data consumption for stations connected via LTE/4G/3G, because app image is normally only few MB big, and underlying system will be updated less frequently, because of security reasons.

Upgrading INCH DUO

If your DUO uses version 2.x it can be easily upgraded to firmware version 3.x, and upgrading to newer firmwares, same as for INCH units on 3.x, uses standard procedure. For future releases it will be same as standard INCH chargers, with every system update major version will go up, and with every app update minor version will go up.

CAUTION: if the charging station uses a mobile connection, please check how much data you have leased in the package. Upgrade file size is aprox 78 MB. If you have less data available in the package, we recommend a local upgrade otherwise additional costs may be incurred by your mobile provider!