Firmware 4.0.


Firmware 4.0:


Release notes:

System 4.0.2

  • Fix wrong ownership of generated device certificates.

Application 4.0.2

Charger Operations

  • Improve modem (re)connection logic to fix some edge cases.


System 4.0

  • Update buildroot to 2021.02.4.

  • Update .NET to 5.0.9.

  • Add support for configuration migration after OS upgrade from 1.x firmware.

  • Generate self-signed TLS certificates for the device on boot if missing.

  • Prevent system downgrades.

  • System upgrade keeps the installed app if it is newer than the build-in one.

  • Replace ETREL boot logo with BOOTING text + icon.

  • Add support for UC20 modem.

  • Remove LLMNR responder.

  • Do not encrypt /data partition on newly installed systems.

  • Fix AFE scaling factors when reading measurements.

Application 4.0

Charger Operations

  • Fix EVSE state transitions for charger with cable.

  • Prevent installation on incompatible system.

  • Take absolute value of power factor to prevent other cars being erroneously detected as ZOE and thus limiting minimum current to 15 A.

  • More accurate reporting of firmware update errors via OCPP and web UI.

  • Charger remains available during firmware update installation.

  • Fix switching availability status in some situations.

  • Hide firmware download URLs form event list as they might contain FTP credentials.

  • Fix wrong event (AFE meter failure) being reported on MID meter failure.

  • Fix AFE scaling factors.

  • Fix configuration sometimes reverting to factory defaults after an upgrade.

  • Prevent restarting DHCP negotiation on eth0 when applying network settings.

  • Fix session synchronisation with Power Management.

  • Fix firmware update to correctly report invalid image version.

  • Fix IEC bender fault never being reset.

  • Fix energy limit persisting across sessions.

  • OCPP

    • Fix OCPP StopTransaction being sent before response to Reset message.

    • Fix issue when charger might sometimes give up reconnecting to the central system via WS connection.

    • Prevent sending an OCPP/J authorisation header when authorisation key is set to an empty string.

    • Always serialise time with 3 decimals to OCPP messages.

    • Fix energy limit DataTransfer message being repeatedly sent.

    • Fix connector ID for clock-aligned MeterValue messages.

  • Modbus

    • Implement ModbusTCP over TLS.

    • Add register 46/146 (float32, in kWh) with planned energy consumption.

    • Add register 48/148 (uint64, in mWh) with the current energy meter value.

    • Change connector status enumeration to match OCPP states rather than internal connectors controller states.


  • Update translations.

  • Fix carousel stopping after screen saver.

  • Fix switching finishing screens in PlugAndCharge mode in some situations.

  • INCH

    • Fix screen saver on out of operation screen.

    • Fix wrong departure shown when opening slide with departure time setting.


    • Add QR code with invoice URL on finished screen.

    • Fix backlight only turning on after vendor logo when exiting screen saver.

Power Management

  • Fix crash if specifying serial numbers of cluster slaves.

  • Fix updating Modbus registers holding cluster status.

  • Decrease read interval for Algodue meters to avoid seeing it as disconnected.

Web Interface

  • On the Diagnostics page, operator is now able to run network diagnostic. This allows to debug network connectivity with external systems like Central system or Smart building. Network diagnostics tries to resolve DNS address, runs trace and executed ping. Results of all three actions are displayed to operator.

  • Web interface now shows timeout if Wi-Fi connection cannot be established with access point in 80 seconds.

  • In the central system configuration, operator can now see if authorization key was inserted or not. Operator is now able to insert authorization key if was previously inserted.

  • Wake-up logo is now displayed in GUI configuration. Therefore operator can see what is the current logo.

  • Show total operating time for the charger.

  • Mask OCPP/J authorisation key.

  • Correct status icon now displayed in unavailable status.

  • Improve translations.

  • Add serial number to all archives downloaded from Web UI (logs and backups).

  • Fix errors not being reported on PIN/PUK entry.

  • Hide WiFi networks with empty SSIDs.

  • Update car list.

Connectors Controller

  • INCH (v2.29)

    • Fix problem with reading connector lock/unlock status.

    • Increase timeout on reading connector lock/unlock status.

    • Decrease delay between contactor state change and feedback measurement.

    • Correct valid PP value ranges.

    • Change how 16-bit timers are handled.

    • Disable checking feedbacks when not charging - connecting cable into the car triggers RCD (not observed on all cars).

    • Enable watchdog, increase watchdog period.

    • Remove printfs from bender-related routines.

    • Move array of strings from global scope into function scope.

  • INCH DUO (v0.23)

    • Fix problem with reading connector lock/unlock status.

    • Fix error in feedback detection logic.