Allowed WiFi network characters, channels and encryption

When connecting INCH charger to a WiFi network, make sure the name of the network only uses characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and specific characters such as: $, %, @.

If there are other characters, that are not allowed (example: / and # ) , the name of the network will not be properly presented and the connection will not be established.

Maximum length of the WiFi network name is 63 characters.

Channels on which the WiFi operates are 1-11. If you are using channel 12 or 13, the network will not be visible.

Encryption used is AES. If AES is not supported by your router, the INCH charging station will not be able to connect to this network. Please note: some of the older routers use TKIP encryption. (more about encryption: ).

Make sure router or access point support network standards: IEEE 802.11n | IEEE 802.11g | IEEE 802.11b and not only 802.11 AC (5 GHz). INCH can connect only to 2.4 GHz.