Email settings in Ocean

»Settings« →  »Email settings« is a module where operator can set email settings for mails that are sent from the system to the operator and users. These mails are:

- Operator password reset

- User forgotten password request

- Ad hoc user registration confirmation

- Subscriber registration accept

- Subscriber registration successfully received

- Subscriber manually added

- Operator new subscriber registration received

- User payer forgotten password

- User payer registration success

- Operator new user payer registration

- User payer registration accept

- New operator invitation

Step-by-step guide

Login to the Ocean

  1. click settings, email settings
  2. chose Protocol type: SMTP
  3. server address: outgoing mail server
  4. server port: outgoing mail server port
  5. use SSL: if your outgoing mail server require that
  6. enter username and password
  7. BCC: here you can enter email address and you will receive a copy of all sent emails from the Ocean
  8. From email: your email address (you can choose any email address you own or create new one for this purpose)
  9. Display name: what you want to be seen in email as sender