Touch screen

Users who use PIN key authentication may encounter a problem that certain keys and numbers are detected only when pressed in the right surface area.

You can see that buttons (area marked with color) are bigger than just icon (back, confirm, ..)

 Technical touch area:

User view:


Regarding the reported touch screen performance, we identified a possible improvement which will be introduced very soon (in February 2021).

As the units have passed the final tests where the operator checks also the touch screen function, this means that units are working according to our established QC expectation. Nevertheless we feel this improvement brings an update to the product that will increase user experience.

So, while we cannot treat the reported issues as part of warranty (not as a malfunction), we can however assist in offering an upgrade in the service process, available in a short time-frame (basically right away considering the returned units need some time to arrive here before they can be serviced).

In cases where you feel the update would be needed, we can offer this service according to our latest service price list, and since the enclosure and plexiglass on pre-November 2020 stations will anyway be exchanged at our costs as a preemptive measure, the entire service upgrade will be invoiced only according to effort spent on handling the upgrade (estimated 1 person hour cost).