Sending station back for repair?

In case of defect and need of sending station to Etrel Service, please follow further guidelines:

  1. open ticket in Jira platform and provide error description, serial number, and photos. In case that support, and resolution of problem cannot be done remotely, we will ask you to send station back. Need help using Jira?

  2. print and fill in Record of complaint and attach it to package

3. carefully put station into package!

To prevent unnecessary additional damaging of housing of charging stations during shipping to Etrel service centre, guidelines need to be followed. 

Installation brackets and screws don’t need to be included in package when preparing charging stations for shipping to Etrel service centre. Including them in package increases the chance of additional damage to the housing of the units. This can result in additional cost of repairs which are not covered by warranty.

Please, make sure that chargers are packed correctly (as shown in example). If you have received charger from your installer, we suggest that packaging is inspected prior to shipping to Etrel service centre.

If damages to units have been noticed additional refurbishment of the units can be ordered – to exchange the unit housings (more on this can be found in our price list).


Where do I send the station?

Etrel d.o.o.

Pod jelšami 6

1290 Grosuplje



Pictures of good and bad examples: