Can ABB chargers be added to Etrel Ocean?

We support connecting ABB station directly to the Ocean backend and through the ABB Huston backend. Below the procedure and steps when you want to connect ABB station through ABB Huston is given.

In the case of ABB, chargers are connected in the ABB Huston backend and then Huston backend is connected to the Ocean. 

This also means that ABB is using their own GSM communication.

Therefore you need to follow this steps:

 1. Insert charging locations / chargers into your backend. You will need exact charger  serial numbers and charge point id's (they should be somewhere on charger sticker inside the charger; Ocpp identity for ABB charging stations connected  is serial number but written with lower case letters and _ instead of -, e.g. t53_it1_3616_020). Please add Terra 53 model from repository. For the Remote Ip address use following settings:

 2. Please contact Ap Van-Gool <> from ABB and tell him which chargers you would like to integrate into your Backend. Ap should use this endpoint for integration:, certificate:  * and URL ABB

 3. Test communication.