When deleting a user I have two options: Delete and Delete with an option to restore. How do they work?


What happens with the user data when it is deleted from the system by the operator?

In case the user is permanently deleted from the base this means that all user data is anonymized. All user data entities (user, payer, identifications, contracts etc.) are deleted and set a new value “null” except for the email which is required. The email is changed to a default value in a form of »userId«@anonymus.net or similar. The user itself is not deleted from the base but rather only the user data. This way all the sessions and other events stay in the system (without any personal user data).

This also happens the same way if you are using temporary registration option which deletes/anonymizes user after 24/48 hours.


What happens if you use the option: Delete with option to restore?

In this case nothing about the user is deleted from the base. The system marks the user with a flag which causes that all his user entities (user, payer, identifications, contracts etc.) become invisible/hidden for the operator and the user itself. Such user can be brought back to live (restored).